Tooth Extractions

An extraction of a tooth may be needed when a tooth has a deep fracture below the gum, when there is extensive decay, bone loss and infection, or when it is impacted, or not fully erupted. Most extractions can be done in our office by Dr. Lee Baker, D.D.S. or Dr. Stefan Cho-Polizzi,D.D.S. including 3rd molars, or wisdom teeth.

An x-ray will be taken of your tooth to determine if it needs to be extracted. This will also give information about the length and shape of the roots, or position of an impacted wisdom tooth. This will help decide if you do need a referral to an oral surgeon. Options for replacing the tooth needing extraction will be presented and any questions answered.

Extraction procedure

After review of your x-ray the doctor will anesthetize the area with a local anesthetic. The area will be made completely numb so there will be no discomfort. An instrument, called an elevator, will be used to loosen the tooth, and then dental forceps will be used to further loosen and lift the tooth from the mouth. Occasionally a tooth may need to be sectioned into several pieces to make removal easier and less traumatic. A stitch may be placed, and a piece of sterile gauze will be place over the site for you to close on.

You will need to rest following your extraction, changing the gauze every 30-45 minutes, and applying an ice pack , 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for two hours, to the side of your face to minimize any swelling ,and to help with discomfort. No smoking, drinking through a straw, or vigorous swishing or brushing for the first 24 hours. If antibiotics, or pain medication, has been prescribed take it as directed.

Some slight bleeding and pain is to be expected, but if there are any concerns, please call our office at 964-0255.