Dental Implants

Dental Implants are titanium replacements for tooth roots. With an osseo-integrated implant your own bone grows to, and fuses with, the titanium implant. Implants can replace a single tooth or several teeth, support bridges, or support dentures. Implants are a long-term replacement option. They provide a strong foundation for natural looking replacement teeth. There are implant options available for many situations, including patients that have been told they may not have enough bone to support an implant.

Dental implants are comprised of three parts–

Titanium implant–  replaces the tooth root

Abutment– attaches to the implant and replaces the missing above gum tooth

Final restoration–  attaches to abutment. May be a single crown, a bridge, or an implant retained over denture.

A complimentary consultation with Dr.Lee Baker D.D.S., the most experienced dentist on the coast placing implants, can help you decide if an implant is the right option for you.  An examination, and review of radiographs, as well as individual considerations , goals, and questions will be addressed during the consultation.  Please call 964-0255  to schedule a consultation appointment.

Dental Implant Procedure

On the day of your implant surgery, the titanium implant will be surgically placed ,by the doctor, into the bone.  A healing collar, which sits on the gum, may be placed at that time.  If  it has been decided to use a temporary restoration you will leave with that in place.The implant needs three to six months to integrate with the bone. During that time your normal eating and at home dental care will remain relatively unchanged. Most patients experience little, or no, pain following the implant surgery.

After three months a radiograph will be taken to verify integration of the implant with the bone. If it has suitably integrated, and the healing collar was placed on the day of surgery, an impression will be taken for your final restoration. If a healing collar was not placed on the day of surgery the implant will be uncovered and a healing collar will be placed. You will return in two weeks to have the impression for your final restoration taken. The final restoration will return from the dental laboratory in two to three weeks. At that time the abutment will be attached to the implant and the final restoration placed.

Not a patient? No problem! We work with your dentist to co-ordinate treatment from implant placement to final restoration. Call for a complimentary consultation appointment 964-0255