Invisalign Clear Braces ©

Invisalign© straightens your teeth by using aligners that are custom made just for you. The aligner trays are worn over your teeth and are smooth, comfortable, and nearly invisible. The aligners work by gradually shifting your teeth into position, following your customized plan. There are no metal brackets, or wires, and the trays are removable, allowing you to eat whatever you wish, and making teeth cleaning and flossing very easy!

A complimentary consultation with Dr. Cho-Polizzi will let you know if Invisalign© will work for you. Call (707) 964-0255 for an appointment.

During the consultation visit your particular situation will be discussed, and your goals addressed.  The length of time needed for your treatment will be determined, and a fee estimate will be given. You will get to see and feel an actual aligner, and all your questions will be answered.

If you make the decision to go begin Invisalign© treatment an appointment will be scheduled for you to come in for review of any xrays taken, and to have photographs and impressions of your teeth taken. Those records will be sent to  Invisalign© where your customized treatment plan will be developed using your models, and a computer assisted program.

At your next appointment your personalized plan will be reviewed and you will get to see a computer generated progression of your treatment  from where your teeth are now to the end result! If you are happy with the plan, the lab is then instructed to make your aligner trays.  It takes 2-3 weeks for the aligners to be delivered.

When you return, Dr. Cho-Polizzi will place any small, tooth colored attachments that are needed for your case, and seat your first set of aligners. The aligners are made of a semi-flexible thermo-plastic. You will be shown how to seat, and remove the trays, and instructed on at-home care. Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks, and you will be sent home with two sets. A short appointment every month allows Dr. Cho-Polizzi to monitor your progress and answer any questions you may have. This appointment gives an opportunity to see if any mid-course corrections need to be made. You will be given your next two sets of aligners at each appointment.

After your treatment is completed you will wear retainers for a period of time to keep your teeth from moving out of their new position. Gradually you will need to wear the retainers less, until you are just wearing them at night!